Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Calling of the Magi

One aspect of the holidays I’ve never outgrown is that underlying sense of magic as we approach the winter solstice.  As a child I was always looking for reasons to believe in the stories of miracles and mystical characters rather than trying to prove them simple figments of people’s imagination.  To this day, the contrast of the lights and candles against the darkness of winter as well as the warm spicy aromas of the season against the bitter cold return me to that inner child who anticipates magic and miracles.  

There is a recent post on Upworthy about a mom in California who was inspired to lend a helping hand after seeing photos of Syrian refugee families struggling to carry their children as they walk hundreds of miles to safety.  She started collecting baby carriers from members of her community and soon so many people jumped in to be a part of the cause, she was able to travel to Greece with ten other moms to personally deliver tens of thousands worth of baby carriers to refugees arriving on boats.  The beauty in this story is that instead of allowing her consciousness to fixate on the horrific aspects of the situation, she put her empathy, rooted in her love for her own family, to positive use, inspiring a resourcefulness that helped complete strangers on the other side of the world.  Reading this post reminded me of the story of the Magi who, guided by spirit, took a leap of faith and journeyed from the Far East to Bethlehem to deliver gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh to a child born in a stable, recognizing him as an incarnation of Christ.  To me, these treasured gifts of that time in history are metaphors for the unique gifts that are seeded in each of us which create their own miracles through acts of kindness like this woman’s.  

As the darkest day of the year approaches, the natural world invites us to journey inward to connect with our own creative ingenuity and discover the myriad pathways that can birth its manifestation into the world in order to heal, inspire, and propel humanity into its light.  Just as the Magi faithfully followed a star in the dark night sky to present the gifts they had to offer, spirit invites us to awaken to our own inner genius and allow its own magic to transpire and unify with the greater whole of life, the great light that resides in every sentient being.  

There is a vulnerability that requires courage, but more importantly a detached sense of curiosity, in order to present one’s inner gifts to the world, even when its purpose is to serve the needs of the greater good.  We risk judgment and ridicule, but when we fully embrace our sense of connectivity to the greater whole, a higher love removes the weight of fear.  Honoring a call to share with the world that which generates personal joy and fulfillment to serve a higher purpose is one of the greatest acts of compassion one can experience in their lifetime, as the process carries them to the deepest levels of connection with the authentic and loving nature of life.  To share this inner magic with even one other human being will have made this earthly journey all the more worthwhile.