Thursday, August 9, 2018

Power in the Unwind

Strolling through the farmer’s market last month, I was on the lookout for some small plants to bring home as an early birthday present to myself.  Browsing through a vendor’s rather large variety of plants, a scraggly little vine caught my eye.

Immediately memories came back to me of a plant just like it that I’d given my grandmother when I was a child.  It had come in a turtle planter and, slow and steady just like a turtle, it grew into a massive vine.  She was always giving clippings away to people. 

A few years after she passed away, I looked for this ivy plant that was called the Creeping Charlie back in the day, but eventually gave up my search.  Unlike typical ivy, it had these round scalloped leaves.  Stumbling on it out of nowhere felt like a birthday blessing from my grandmother.

Unsure if it was the same plant though, I asked the vendor its name and he answered, “It’s the Creeping Jenny!”  With its similar but more delicate leaves, I realized I was looking at the feminine counterpart to the Creeping Charlie.  In looking up the Creeping Jenny, it turns out this plant is also called the moneywort because its leaves grow to the size of pennies and it also produces yellow flowers in the spring. 

After putting 3 of these little plants together in a larger pot, they’ve shed some leaves and parts have died off as they settle into their new home.  Certain vines however have started to unwind and reach for the window to absorb more light.  Small and fragile, there is a determination as tiny new leaves start to unfold at the tip of the vine.

What I love most about the second half of summer is moments like this.  Life seems to take a nice deep exhale, helping us recharge our batteries and take in the all the good that is around us.  For me, this moment that brought back a happy memory is an example of how taking regular breaks to unwind makes life a fuller and more satisfying experience.

There is a power generated in the unwind that makes life less of a struggle and creates space to receive the blessings of life.

What simple blessing have you experienced during the summer unwind?

Sometimes the biggest shifts in how we experience life are held in the smallest of details!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Say it Like You Mean It!

Going to mass on Sundays when I was growing up, I would often find my mind drifting with random thoughts as I’d recite the prayers and sing the hymns.  I remember noticing how the Catholic mass was much more subdued than other churches.  I’d see clips on TV of gospel choirs and there was such a dynamic energy and enthusiasm behind their beautiful voices.  If anyone sang with that much spirit during mass, they would most definitely stand out against the reserved backdrop of mumbled prayers and softly sung hymns.

In working with my Reiki clients and students, I’ve learned that when you combine consciousness with a specific quality of energy your whole being aligns in such a way that your desires manifest with much more ease.  However, the key isn’t so much in the words as in how you feel as you speak them or write them down.

For example, if you are looking to have more prosperity in your life, working with an affirmation is great just so long as you also activate in your experience a felt sense of what abundance or prosperity means to you.  How does it feel in your body to receive money?  What freedoms would it give you and how would that make you feel? 

Anchoring the desired energy and felt sense into your body and connecting with that feeling daily is what will help you transform prayers, affirmation and intentions from just being words to a dynamic form of consciousness that actually “conspires” for your highest good!

This explains why practices such as gratitude journaling, working with affirmations, visions boards, etc. will work like magic for some and lead to nowhere for others.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Finding Your Inner Spring

When I left for southern California the last weekend in March, it was with the full expectation that I’d return home a week later to a city that had finally put winter behind it.  Instead, I awoke this Monday to the sight of more snowflakes falling from the sky!  Even for those of you who don’t mind winter (or even love it!) this week may be the final straw as the desire to feel the warm sun mixed with the cool aromatic spring breeze on your skin grows stronger with each passing moment.

So how can you create your own sense of spring when Mother Nature is imposing a different agenda?  How do you experience a change you desire when the outer world seems hell bent on mirroring back the opposite?  We often hear that change starts from within, and then our outer circumstances will begin to shift, but then there are those times when the results we desire seem a bit slow to arrive. . .

In the practice of Reiki, the instructions for meditating on the precepts (principles that affirm one’s true self or true nature) ask us to morning and evening place our hands in gassho (prayer position).  This practice of starting and ending your day with intention helps you to align with the energy you want to embody throughout the day as well as the energy you want to settle into as your day winds down.  

Over time, this practice of framing your day with intention reinforces the inner experience of your deepest desires, even when your outer world has yet to catch up.  Eventually, the energy springs up so strongly that it can’t help but influence your experience of the world around you.   While none of us have control over the weather patterns and how nature decides to transition seasons, the more we allow our daily practices, habits and rituals to align with the spirit of spring, the less the weather will even matter.  For myself, I am seeing this extended winter as an opportunity to do some deeper spring cleaning at home so when the weather does become nicer, I will feel even more free to enjoy and appreciate my time outside. 

When we don’t see the world reflecting back to us what we most desire, it becomes an opportunity to dig in deeper on a soul level to embody the energy of our intentions.  It is an invitation from spirit to take greater responsibility for the changes we want to make and not passively rely on our circumstances to take us there.  To do this, it is not only important to greet each day with clear intention, but to also use your daily rituals, habits and activities to engage the energy of those intentions as well as use your natural intuitive sensitivities to guide you in the direction of your desires.  When you make it a habit to return to your intentions and activate the energy you want to experience throughout the day, your natural sensitivities will automatically kick in and you will find yourself seeing, feeling, hearing and even tasting the things in your world that align with those intentions.  I know for myself, on the grayest of days, I soooo appreciate the colorful sight of the flowers on the stands outside the corner stores, and the joyful sound of silly laughter coming from young children.  These reinforce my intention to allow spring to unfold from deep within this year instead of waiting around for Mother Nature to do all the work for me!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Resting on the Energy

During our Reiki II Okuden class this past Sunday, we practiced a technique for scanning the energy above the body.  One student beautifully described her experience as feeling like she was resting her hands on the recipient’s energy field.  She didn’t feel like she was using any effort to hold her hands above their body, and as the energy shifted, she would then feel her hands drop into the flow of its movement.  Her lovely description gave me a moment to reflect on how hands-on healing with Reiki really is all about resting our hands on the energy.

As with many beginners, when I started my Reiki journey almost 15 years ago, I had this need to feel like I was doing something “more” than resting my hands on or above the body.  It took me a little while to trust that the energy, in its infinite wisdom, would flow where it is most needed.  As I learned more and more to enjoy simply being in the fullness of the energy without the distractions of too many bells and whistles, my experience and the experience of my clients grew deeper and more fulfilling.

While navigating these stormy weeks that will transition into spring, I realize that the noise of the rain, ice, snow and wind is the beginnings of nature’s flow of energy becoming full once again.  As the weather settles, Mother Earth will once again become filled to the brim in her mud-luscious state, and life will quietly and magically emerge.  The flowers will seemingly bloom overnight, the air will be full of their perfume and animals will gear up for the active cycles of the year.

Last weekend I also watched the sweetest film called Dare to Be Wild.  It is based on the true story of Mary Reynolds, the Irish woman who, against all odds, won the 2002 Chelsea Flower Show.  As she came up against each obstacle, in her own way she would stay present in her faith and higher vision until something would start to flow in the direction of her dream.  One of the main attractions of her landscape design was the use of the mystical Hawthorn tree.  The night before the judging, she is found whispering to the Hawthorn tree, asking it to bloom in time.  In Celtic tradition, the Hawthorn tree is known for not only protecting one from negative influences, but also “fertilizing” one’s deepest wishes.  It is a tree known for beckoning the spirits of the faery realm, reminding one to let go of the logical mind and experience the mystical side of life and nature itself.

Despite the cold winter weather this week, there is a rumbling of new life beneath our feet.

As we prepare to enjoy the onset of spring’s beauty and become more active in the world, what wishes are you fertilizing?

In what ways does your life already feel full and leave you in a state of gratitude?

How are you staying present with that fullness as you encounter any obstacles, and trusting in the flow of the great river of life?

While it’s easy to point out the things that aren’t working or to make a long list of what we “should” be doing, when we rest our focus on the energy of how we want to be and feel, life transforms into a magical journey!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Igniting the Spirit of 2018

As we step through the doorway to this new year, what keeps coming to mind more than setting goals and resolutions is the question of what you want to feel and experience in 2018.  The goals, wishes and resolutions will always be there.  As humans we are wired to have desires as we experience the contrasts of living in a three-dimensional world.  We are also biologically wired to focus more of our attention on what isn’t “right” in our lives than the positive anticipation of what we are creating, shifting into, and changing for ourselves and the world.  For example, if you decided to eat healthier in 2018 is it because the doctor said to or because you want to feel more energized and focused?  If you want to save more money, is it because you feel financially insecure or because you to feel more appreciation for what you already have?  If you are seeking a life partner, is it because you feel alone or because you have love you want to share and experience more deeply?  For each of these questions, the answer could be both.  However, choosing the latter will shift you into the vibration that aligns and fully supports you in the process.

In some instances, the changes we desire call for immediate and full on transformation to activate the sustainable momentum one needs.  I find in many cases though, the changes and goals we desire are more lasting when we take the pressure off and create space to enjoy the process along the way.  For some people, jumping with both feet in is the way to go, but for many, that can be a shock to the system and back fire.  So perhaps instead of jumping into yoga class at 6 am every day when you aren’t a morning person to begin with, you try one class a week after work or on the weekends.  And then after a couple of weeks, you attend two classes.  And then, maybe that fun dance class on Friday evenings makes its way into your weekly routine.  It becomes fun and fluid instead of a shock to your mind, body and spirit which in turn has you giving up on week 2.

Putting more emphasis on the results when deciding to make a change will only lead to a sense of failure each step of the way.  When you focus on what feels good and make a little more room for it each day, then it becomes a full and satisfying experience. 

What is the energy you want to ignite for yourself in 2018?

And in turn, what is that focused energy asking of you?

Is it asking you to surrender certain attachments?  Jump all in with passion and momentum?  Move forward but with ease so you don’t feel overwhelmed? 

And in turn, how does this energy contribute to the shifting of the greater consciousness of the world?  As you feel healthier and more focused, do you have more energy to be present for loved ones and your community?  As you become more financially prosperous, are you inspired to contribute to a cause you believe in?  As you release attachments to certain things, are you finding ways to give them to people who could use them?

The middle of winter, even in warmer climates, gifts us a time to journey within and reflect on the spirit and energy that longs to emerge with the growing sunlight over the next six months.  Now is the time to anchor it in and ignite its qualities from within.  When we take just a few minutes each day to remind ourselves of what we want to feel and experience, then each breath, each action, each small step will unfold with ease, joy, and mindful awareness.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Appreciating the Essence Within Everything, Including a Duck Quack!

I’ll never forget my first day of ballet class, when I was attending the college dance program at SUNY-Purchase.  My teacher, Gayle Young, yelled out in his southern drawl “Jean Bromage, you look like a duck!  You are rocking back and forth on those ronde jambes like a duck.  Quack!  Quack!”  I was soooo humiliated, I went back to my dorm that afternoon questioning everything I had worked so hard to achieve up to that point, not to mention the realization I would endure the nickname “Duck” for the next 4 years.  During that time though, Gayle became one of the most inspiring teachers I’d ever encounter in my life.  I quickly came to appreciate his wisdom, musicality, lyricism, and, well, even his sense of humor. 

In the version of the Reiki Precepts I use when teaching, there is a line that says, “Please appreciate everything and show gratitude.”  This line is frequently translated as “Be grateful,” or “Show gratitude.”  However, what I love about this translation is that it asks us to “appreciate everything.”  In my recent Reiki 1 Class, we discussed offering up a prayer of gratitude to the future during those times when we are so deeply challenged it is difficult to appreciate our experience in the moment.  It is an offering of trust we put out into the Universe that says, “I know this might suck in the moment, but I also know that somewhere in the future, as my sense of wholeness is restored, I will discover reasons to be grateful.” 

For me, this Reiki precept invites us to take our attitude of gratitude to a whole new level, looking beyond the surface of everything in life to recognize the essence of love that exists within.  No matter how muddled our connection to the vibrancy of life may become at any given time, or how hurtful a situation may seem in the moment, underneath it is a constant current of love flowing through and available to us. 

The deeper my connection with Reiki through my daily practice, the easier it is becoming to experience love held within even the densest of feelings, and see light behind even the darkest of moments.  This is where we learn to extend compassion to ourselves and others, and allow it to hold us over when we don’t have the answers or solutions to life’s problems. 

This year has brought great loss and sorrow to many people and their communities, and as a society we are experiencing a tremendous amount of fear in the collective consciousness.  Even if we don’t actively engage this fear, we can feel its presence as it permeates our culture.  However, held within the heart of this fear is an essence that is always ready, willing and able to make any given situation whole once again.  This essence carries the truth of who we are and returns us to a state of gratitude whenever we are ready receive it.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rituals Big and Small

This past weekend I had the honor of standing by one of my Reiki sisters during the initiation ceremony of her shamanic name.  Witnessing this beautiful ritual held for her and the other shamanic practitioners was truly magical.  As it was held outdoors, nature also participated with a gorgeous butterfly appearing as the ceremony got underway, and bumble bees landing on people’s shoulders throughout as if they were soaking in the energy of this sacred gathering. 

Rituals like this are specially planned to both ignite and celebrate the energy around someone transitioning into a new phase of life.  From graduations and weddings to baptisms and funerals, ceremony has been used to honor the different stages of life since the beginning of humanity. 

In between these pivotal moments, though, are the smaller rituals we practice on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis that anchor the bigger picture into our lives.  The morning cup of coffee, workout, or meditation is a daily ritual that can set the right tone for one’s day.  For others spending time with their children or pets when coming home becomes a ritual for letting go of their day at work. 

Whether they are daily practices or momentous ceremonies, rituals create space for us to acknowledge the sacredness of life, and return to the heart of what is most important to us.  They reinforce our intentions while simultaneously helping us to surrender our attachments to the outcome.  They help us to align with our most authentic nature and mindfully approach each day fully awake to the energy we want to activate. 

When we consistently show up to our daily rituals, there comes a point when we start to feel “in the flow” of co-creation with the Universe.  Working with ritual for manifestation is more than having positive thoughts and sending out wishes into the Universe.  It’s about being in the felt sense and mindset of how we want to be and what we want to create, while allowing for all the unknown components we are unable to see or understand to align for our highest good. 

What are your daily, weekly, and seasonal rituals?  How do you show up for them?  Do you savor them, or do you often find your focus somewhere else?  I invite you to take inventory of your daily routine and reflect on the consciousness you bring to each activity.  When you start your day with a specific action, does it reinforce a certain level of productivity and focus that you otherwise wouldn’t experience?  Do you start feeling as though you have plenty of time to get everything done?  Do your interactions with others go more smoothly?  The time we allow for this doesn’t have to be long.  Even a 5-minute daily ritual carried out with clarity and consistency will affect sustainable change for the better. 

While the big vision is important, the real power for transformation lies in consistently showing up each day with clear intention.  Mindfully engaging in the activities that frame your days, weeks, and seasons is one of the most effective tools for staying true to the higher vision for who you want to be in this world.